What is the Crypton Studio?

Crypton Studio is a European IT company for custom development of projects using blockchain technology with more than 150 employees and offices in Latvia and Russia.

We have been developing trading exchanges, NFT marketplaces, DeFi, and other apps projects for more than six years. During this time, we became the largest Blockchain Development studio in Europe in the custom blockchain development segment.

Our clients are from Europe, the USA, UAE, and 20 other countries. There are 8 large project teams designed to cater for each project stage, so the project goes from business analysts and developers to testers and further technical support.

83% of our employees (more than 120 people) are DevOps, Frontend, and Backend developers. We differ from most studios by having 25 smart contract developers in-house. The constant growth of the employee skills allows us to use the latest technologies and attract the most challenging projects to deliver.

Also because of six years’ experience we’ve learnt that finding a valuable blockchain developer is difficult, so we created our own Crypton Academy. The result of successfully passing the academy is developers are guaranteed to receive a job offer.

Furthermore, since we have a successful training experience, we can offer to train your employees.

With the C-level of blockchain companies from around the world, we make a community in the Satoshi Nakamoto Club. A closed chat for informal communication in the field of blockchain.

If you have a task to develop, we will contact you, discuss your project and cost of work for free. We are ready to allocate a development team and make a turnkey project or provide an outstaffing contract employee.

Need to start a new project using blockchain technologies? Just leave us your contact!




The largest Blockchain development studio in Europe. https://crypton.studio

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Crypton Studio

Crypton Studio

The largest Blockchain development studio in Europe. https://crypton.studio

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