The best web3 platforms for the real estate sector

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2 min readMay 8, 2023


Explore our list of top blockchain-based platforms for the real estate industry.

All of these services:

- Eliminate the important role of intermediaries in the industry

- Help eliminate the need for physical presence (of property owners or agents) to approve transactions or sign documents

- Fight against fraud and real estate scams

- Create efficient tools for investing in real estate.

Let’s look more closely at what they’ve got to offer.


Vairt is designed to help users earn a second income by building and diversifying a global real estate network.

The platform offers several resources and tools to ensure the best possible results when investing in fractional real estate.

These include market overviews, neighborhood insights, property analysis, and long-term support, all of which operate on a blockchain network for maximum security.


RealT is a platform that offers simplified investments in real estate. RealT carries out the selection of real estate, its repair and further management while renting.

For each offer (building) placed on the platform RealT creates its own Series LLC, which owns one asset (building).

Platform has its own marketplace where future investors can buy tokens that guarantee ownership and then get rental income.


SolidBlock is a platform for real estate tokenization that brings together blockchain and Web3 technology to allow real world assets to join in the emerging blockchain economy.

SolidBlock empowers asset owners to transact differently — buy, sell, raise capital, collateralize and to manage their tokenized property on a secure, immutable, transparent system.

Crypto Real Estate

Crypto Real estate is a marketplace connecting investors to real estate & metaverse opportunities.

Customers can buy and sell both real and virtual real estate with cryptocurrency. Platform connects investors to properties in the real world as well as in the most popular decentralized metaverses like Decentraland and Sandbox.


Ubitquity’s products include its Non-Fungible Title platform giving titles a digital identity and Ubitquity Pay for crypto payments and real estate transactions.

The company says its open-source blockchain platform provides “a simple user experience for securely recording/tracking of title and other critical documents.”

We are looking forward to seeing more innovative blockchain projects in the real estate sector that will change the entire industry and the way it is managed.

If you are a real estate business owner, it’s time for you to benefit from blockchain adoption before your competitors do so.

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