Rhythms of the blockchain: exploring web3 music platforms

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2 min readSep 8, 2023

Take a look at our list of the most innovative web3 music platforms in 2023.

They tokenize music with NFTs, guarantee enhanced copyright protection, ensure fair royalty payments, and empower fan engagement and community building.

Audius empowers creators to securely timestamp and register their work on its Solana blockchain network, ensuring unalterable attribution. By cutting out intermediaries, Audius offers a direct link between creators and consumers, guaranteeing transparency and authenticity. The platform also enables artists to receive instant, fair compensation, all thanks to blockchain technology.

BitSong, a decentralized music streaming platform that empowers artists, listeners, and advertisers. Artists can upload songs with attached advertisements, and both artists and listeners earn up to 90% of the ad profits, while the $BTSG token facilitates donations and music purchases.

TuneGO, a web3 music platform, connects artists with collectors using the Flow blockchain. Artists can easily mint digital music collectibles, sell art, and earn royalties. The platform also offers features like creator profiles, multiple tracks per drop, digital tickets, and targeted advertising. For collectors, it’s a hub to buy, collect, and resell music collectibles, with a direct link to their favorite artists.

ANote Music

ANote Music, a blockchain-based platform where artists can monetize their music royalties and fans can invest in music shares, fostering a new ecosystem of creative funding. ANote Music operates on the Algorand blockchain. Each music catalog is mirrored as an ASA (Algorand Standard Asset), representing the asset on the blockchain. Investors receive an Algorand wallet upon registration, providing a secure digital key to manage their assets.

eMusic, a blockchain-based music platform rewarding artists and fans with instant royalty payouts and exclusive content. It also features rights management, crowdfunding, and back-catalog monetization for copyright holders.

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