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The fusion of neobanking with blockchain technology leads to advanced solutions.

What is a neobank?

A neobank is a purely digital financial institution, devoid of physical branches, offering a complete array of financial services akin to traditional banks. A crypto neobank is an app that allows you to hold, trade, and manage both fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

Key features of neobanks include:

1. Secure transactions: Ensure robust security measures to protect customer data and financial transactions.

2. Account setup: Provide a seamless process for users to create an account and obtain a card for interacting with financial flows.

3. Basic financial operations: Enable essential operations like money transactions, bill payments, and fund transfers.

4. Push notifications: Keep users informed about account activities, transactions, and important updates through push notifications.

Optional but valuable features:

5. QR code payments: Allow fast and convenient payments using QR codes, enhancing user experience.

6. Dashboards: Provide easily accessible information boards for users to track their financial activities and trends.

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Advantages of neobanks for your business

Streamlined operations

Neobanks simplify financial management, offering real-time insights and integration with accounting tools.

Cost savings

Reduced fees and competitive exchange rates help businesses save money on transactions.

Efficient international payments

Neobanks often provide better options for international money transfers, benefiting global businesses.

Access to funding

Some neobanks offer quick access to business loans and credit lines.

Cryptocurrency payments

Ability to pay and accept cryptocurrency, which expands the choice of financial instruments.

Integration with crypto payment gateways and P2P Networks

Integrating with crypto payment gateways and peer-to-peer (P2P) networks allows neobanks to offer enhanced services. This enables seamless cryptocurrency transactions, making neobanks more versatile and appealing to a broader user base.

But to take full advantage of all these benefits, it’s important to find an experienced development team that will ensure a secure and highly efficient neobanking solution.

Why trust us?

With seven years of experience in the blockchain technology market, Crypton Studio is your trusted partner for Neobank development. We can help you integrate cryptocurrencies into your solution, including setting up secure crypto payment gateways and seamless P2P networks. Our portfolio boasts numerous successful web3 projects for clients worldwide.

We specialize in creating secure, feature-rich, and user-friendly Neobank solutions.

Order a development

How we develop neobanks: step-by-step

Initial assessment: We gather project information and outline the scope and goals.

Discovery/architecture phase: We design the optimal solution architecture and create a detailed roadmap.

UX/UI design: We develop wireframes and mockups for a seamless user experience.

Backend and frontend development: We work on both backend and frontend, adding functionalities and enhancing performance.

Testing: Rigorous testing ensures a bug-free solution.

Deployment: The product goes live with a successful launch.

Roadmap: how to start your project with Crypton Studio

Contact us: Reach out via our website form.

Requirements gathering: We schedule a call to understand your project needs.

Scope and estimate: You receive a project scope document, cost estimate, and timeframe.

Contract: Once agreed, we sign the contract.

Our company specializes in two crucial development approaches:

Full Development Cycle:

This is where we take complete responsibility for all stages of your project, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive development process.


This initial stage focuses on detailed requirement analysis. The primary result is the formation of the Software Requirements Specification. This document encompasses all necessary development requirements, aligning them precisely with the client’s expectations.

Our tech stack:

- Design: Figma

- Frontend development: Vue.js (Nuxt.js), Typescript, Native JS

- Backend development: Node.js, Hapi.js

- Mobile development:Flutter

- DBMS: PostgreSQL, Redis

Our cases

- Neobanking platform with tailored functionality.

A neobanking platform with specific functionality tailored to the client’s requirements. Our project involved the development of a web platform and mobile application to enhance the platform’s capabilities.

- Web and mobile application for a Neobank service with a focus on security and reliability.

A web platform and a mobile application for neobanking service. Neobank is a unique digital fintech ecosystem, and logic was from our customer. Throughout the development process, we placed a strong emphasis on security and reliability.

More cases


- How long does it take to develop a Neobank solution?

The timeline depends on project complexity, ranging from several months to nearly a year.

- How much does it cost?

The price varies based on factors like architecture complexity and additional features.

- Where are Neobanks used?

Neobanks cater to a wide range of areas, from personal banking to business finance.

- What features does a Neobank provide?

Basic features include fund management, digital payments, and budgeting tools.

- How can I ensure the Neobank is stable and secure?

Partner with experienced development teams like Crypton Studio, who have a track record of creating secure and stable platforms.

- How do I order a project from Crypton Studio?

Contact us through our website form, and we’ll guide you through the process.



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