Crypton Factory


We have a little bit of an update. We have renamed “Crypton Academy” to “Crypton Factory”.

Why did it happen?

Entering the academy, the guys expected a banal academic study with lectures. But with us everything is steeper and more serious.

  1. How you present yourself during your internship will play a decisive role in your subsequent employment with us.
  2. Crypton produces a lot of cool developers: for outstaff and outsourcing. At the same time, we do not have streaming and soulless production. We develop hard and soft skills, take care of the developers, and during the training we prepare future projects for them.
  3. The stuffing has remained the same: free training in the direction of a smart contract developer in solidity or rust languages for 2 months from the best mentors — current tech leads of Crypton Studio.

Join us!



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