Case of the development invoice management suite for Web3 teams

We are ready to announce our new project, . transfer ( ). It is an invoice management suite for Web3 teams, which boosts their revenue generation thanks to its convenience. It’s a solution for small companies or startups to pay for their staff, and freelancers who want to accept cryptocurrency as a payment. You can collect more crypto revenue by the seamless crypto invoicing and instant crypto payment features. You can pay crypto expenses and see revenue & expense dashboards. Crypton Studio developed desktop and mobile web Alpha versions in 7 weeks. The main points of the Alpha version, already used by a limited number of users:

We used all our skills and experience to create a unique web application with a user-friendly interface. It is our first product of that kind!

Stack of technologies we choose to develop .transfer ( ) :

So many helpful tools, and this is only the beginning! We are going to continue honing . transfer ( ) and adding other functions. Our purpose is to give users the smoothest invoice payment experience.



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