Decimal is a decentralized blockchain service for the release and use of custom coins. Here you can create your own currency, become a validator or make transactions with coins already existing in the crypto market. The platform is easy to use and does not require special training, and in addition it is reliable thanks to the blockchain technology at its core.

Our service allows you to create and send your liquid cryptocurrency, convert it into the native DEL coin, write and activate checks, create craftsmen, generate and sign offline transactions.

Today, more than 637 million DEL. The system already has…

We at Crypton studio have been engaged in custom blockchain development of projects of various complexity for 5 years. Working in offices in Tomsk and Riga and opening representative offices in Germany and France, we launch Crypton Academy and open positions for internships of developers in the studio!

From July 30, studio developers train in three areas: Solidarity blockchain developer (writing smart contracts), Front end developer and Back end developer.

We have brought together more than 100 specialists in all areas of development and create 15 different types of products. Working with customers from around the world, we design NFT…

IT-startup from Tomsk, Russia has reached over 100 employees after 5 years of work in blockchain-development.

«As the needs of our current clients grow and the new ones keep coming, getting 100 was not a goal itself, it has mostly happened for reasons of ongoing projects, so we try to balans, while getting developers for long term and exact assignments. By the end of this year we are planning to grow up to 150 people in company» — says Aldar Sandanov, STO of Crypton Studio.

Crypton Studio has existed since 2016 and since then we are developing and keep working…

Crypton Studio is a well-established blockchain development company based in Latvia. For more than five years, we’ve been helping businesses with complex problems in blockchain technology. We are known for being one of the best development companies that provide innovative business integration solutions.

We are thrilled that we’ve been reaching the #1 spot on the Clutch Leaders Awards. This motivates us more to provide exceptional service to our customers.

An established B2B reviews and rating company, Clutch has been helping firms improve their effectiveness by publishing in-depth client reviews. Every year, only the top-performing companies receive the award. …

How do you tokenize assets using blockchain technology? Well, first of all, you need to know what these terms are. Tokenization is a unique way to digitally represent an asset. Pretty simple, isn’t it? What a token is and how you can use it can vary greatly. The key idea is that tokenization takes an asset and allows it to be commodified.


Shares are a form of tokenization. They are a store of value and represent a certain percentage of ownership of a business or company.


Believe it or not, money used to be held on the gold…

Blockchain has been taking over financial markets for the past few years. The crypto market is a prime example of this. With the countless benefits it offers, blockchain technology is widely accepted and implemented by entrepreneurs with new ideas to explore the market.

One such development is P2P lending platforms that allow users to interact directly with each other to borrow and borrow money without the presence of intermediaries. Given how complex and time-consuming the traditional lending process is, P2P lending platforms are a breath of fresh air. They offer ease of doing business without compromising security.

However, setting up…

According to the Technavio report, the total value of contracts in the IT outsourcing market is expected to grow to more than $ 409 billion by 2022. But despite the impressive numbers, many still have concerns about outsourcing. In this article, we have collected 7 reasons why you should outsource your software project, what benefits you will get, and what to look for when choosing a development partner. Let’s get started!

Why do companies outsource?

The emergence of outsourcing software development companies was driven by market demand. Since 2000, the world has taken a course towards digitalization, and the introduction…

Outsourcing of software development

We should start with this advice, even if it seems obvious. According to Statista, the global outsourcing market reached $ 92.5 billion in 2019. Outsourcing has long been considered a proven way to reduce costs for a company, especially when it comes to software product development. If you are not going to deploy a large long-term project, then there is no point in creating a development team within the company. The difficulty lies in the selection of developers, as well as in providing workspaces and a constant workload. By outsourcing your project, you pay for the work done and focus…

No matter how promising the industry is, there are always challenges that have to be overcome. Fortunately, fintech is one of those industries that Covid-19 has not critically affected, although there are still some consequences. In fact, the financial industry is experiencing the same difficulties that have been in the spotlight in recent years. Among them are the following:

  • Outdated technology. Many traditional financial institutions still use outdated technology and business models. The competition is steadily growing. As clients, we expect more. But many companies try to compete with fintech startups using outdated technologies that hinder the development of the…

You must agree that building a successful DeFi project of any kind requires a lot of skills and knowledge in this particular field. In terms of building a DeFi protocol, the owner needs to take into account some specific market features in addition to fundamental basics.

We understand that DeFi market is developing lightning-fast and one of the main goals is to deliver a revolutionary or better solution in a relatively short period of time.


It is very important to split this time wisely into three fundamental parts:

  1. Planning
  2. Development
  3. Testing

Surprisingly, the main time should be dedicated to the…

Crypton Studio

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